mark 14:51-52

i have followed a crooked line

the gods have drawn. wild

horses stampede through my veins

like drumfire. i have slept in holes of

mockery and eaten from the table of

abandoned nobility. i dropped my linen

cloth and ran naked from gethsemane

without shame. my copulation

has been consistent with the prince of

peace. i scavenged gold from the wishing

wells of the romantic. i was never aroused

to swim in a river of surrender. i am

content to be an undaunted ghost,

ignoring the beauty of beauty. i

cannot deceive the truth that sleeps

behind my eyes. war is masturbating my

flesh tearing it from the bone in star

spangled dexterity. the wind slips past the

window pane and hides in my heart. i am

blessed with the chinooks while waiting on

black crows to deliver me my trespasses. i

curse the limits of my alphabet beneath his

crown of thorns. my testament quakes with

scripture. he crawled into my tomb and

removed the feathers of my sly deceit.

god’s pride

david found grace in the eyes

of johnathan. they made for

themselves a covenant. i emulate

their ways in a song of songs. my

erotic desire intensifies my divine

love. from my heart it will not be

crucified. i will go into exile from

their abhorrent tongues. they curse

profanity into the air. you have soured

the reverence of sentiment. you

have stolen the messiah’s face. you fill

his teeth with mold. you are the one

the sparrow can no longer trust.

kindness and mercy was given

to the eunuchs. daniel is now their

prince. the evangelist is the thief

who cannot steal from me what is free.

BuzFree @ OPEN READ at Authors Books and Music in Warren PA 06/02/2015

waiting on the harvest

my blanched bones

are crumbling

in the soil

of my garden


the lavender

and thyme.

my heart has

satisfied its

open rebellion.

i have danced

with rolling


and kissed

the lips

of a crescent


i drink from

a deeper well.

malignant spirits

cannot disturb

my rest.

i am not

distressed by

the dead

of night.

there is

no need

on this road

of roses,

all radiant red.

birds are singing


to the trees.

my dogs run

for nothing,

i chase them

in their game.

this is where

my love is sown.

he is the

caretaker of

my seed.


i sat in one place long enough
the sun finally got to me. the
crack in the curtains had to be
just right. perfect branches of
the tree slightly bent in a breeze.
i sat watching my shadow
grow. i was pierced by rays that
left no scars. a flame shinned
within me. a voyeur was speaking
in my weakened ears. i heard more
than i wanted to. i kept my eyes half
closed. the light was too intense. i
saw things i never wanted to see. my
shame was erased. murder and love
kissed. the faceless tangled their
tongues on meaningless words of
common conversation. i walked a
thousand miles to nowhere and back
again. i bathed in a river of heat. i was
a wanted man, guilty of nothing. the
moon will pass and take me to a
different place tonight. i will
accidently see shimmering stars.
all of it because of absolutely nothing.

sitting on a telephone wire

if i had wings, i would join
crows in the corn, be a blue
jay at war with cooper’s hawk,
sing a chant with black-capped
chickadees. i will learn the secrets
of the thunderbirds. an epiphany
of lightning leading my way. i will
seek liberation from the chains
of the sky. i will feast in the rain,
as ruby throated hummingbirds
hide. i will drain the vocabulary from
my brain. the spirit of the sparrow
will rest in my heart. my name will
mean less to angels than the tibetan
bunting. i will not fear the badger,
the weasel, the fox, or the owl. i have
abandoned my nest for now.

Authors Books & Music Open Read 5/05/2015


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