It is a nice day today

 i was told the poem from yesterday was about living in the moment.  i know i said i wasn’t sure what it meant but the truth is i think i felt what this poem meant when i read it.  i may have even said to myself this is about where i am at this very moment in time.  i was sitting at my desk at work when i first read it and i got lost in how fun the poem was to read for just a bit of time.  

darn the real world, it can be such an interrupter.  i am glad i am well again.  i am glad i can breathe again. i am glad i can’t hear me breathing again.  i am glad to be empty again.

a little bit of nothing
is worth all of something
if you share with the nobody
the nothing you have

i wrote that a very long time ago.  i am glad it has come back to revisit me. 

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