Former Attorney Grant Gets It Wrong


In the Sunday Arizona Republic Viewpoints, January 13, 2008 former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods put forth the ridiculous idea that lethal injection is the only way to go for a country that still uses the death penalty.  I declare that Grant Woods is wrong on numerous points.  Capital punishment can not be justified by any means.  The following is a paper I wrote as a first year student at the University of Phoenix.


The execution of Angel Nieves Diaz in Florida that went terribly wrong is a perfect example of why capital punishment should not be used.  The execution was botched and took 34 minutes to take place which is twice as long as it should have been.  Gov. Jeb Bush stopped all executions in Florida until it could be determined if the execution was cruel and unusual punishment.


The execution of Diaz is a perfect example why capital punishment is wrong.  A distinction can not be made to what form of execution is used, including electrocution or lethal injection.  Several examples of executions being done inappropriately include fires, burning flesh, spraying deadly chemicals towards witnesses, human error, and faulty equipment.  There are numerous executions that took considerably longer then they should have.  (Radele, 2007)


Capital Punishment has been a ‘hot button’ topic for many years.  People find it easy to say that the perpetrator of a horrendous act should be put to death.  An execution should not be an avenue to satisfy an ill informed populous seeking vengeance.  Anger and fear does not have a place in deciding if someone should die.  Of course, sympathy has to be given to the victims and should be, but vengeance does not help society.  The execution of an individual does not pay back the victim.  There are avenues available for victims to satisfy the healing and retribution they deserve.



There are many clichés that always get placed in the argument about capital punishment.  Though these clichés maybe contrite they still hold many truths.  “Two wrongs do not make a right” is a statement that has been around for a long time.  Killing a criminal can not improve society in any way.  Who can say they have not been taught that killing is wrong?  Capital punishment denies the divine nature of man.



The government should not be killing people.  The death penalty is supposed to be reserved for the worst criminals.  The study of how the death penalty is used shows this is not true.  Plea bargaining have often let some of the worst criminals get life sentences while others are put to death.  Capital punishment is not used fairly.  Punishment is supposed to protect society.  As a deterrent capital punishment is a failure.  States with the death penalty do not have a lower crime rate.  Government does have the means to keep criminals out of society.   States with the death penalty do not have a lower crime rate.  The U.S. should not continue to use capital punishment


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