trouble maker neighbor


Larry J. Buzeyn                                                                                February 16, 2008

Phoenix, AZ


City Of Phoenix

City Prosecutor

P.O. Box 4500

Phoenix, AZ 85030-4500


RE: Barking Dog Information


Dear City Prosecutor,


I received your letter dated February 14, 2008. I appreciate you bringing this matter to my attention. This is the very first time I knew there was a problem. This dog that is being referred to has lived at this address for four years.


I have reviewed the information you have sent. I personally don’t think the situation needed to be addressed in this manner but since it has, appropriate steps will be taken.

I have met with the neighbor as instructed in the information you provided. I felt he should have approached me first.


I would like to share some history about the neighbor that filed this complaint. I have known him since two days after I moved to this address. I know he has filed eight to ten complaints on other people that live on this block for different reasons. After five years I thought I may be the only person that can get along with this man. I always stood up for him when I listened to the stories other neighbors shared with me. I was shocked to receive a letter from you stating now he has even turned on me. I have to accept that I live next to a retired senior that spends some of his day looking to cause trouble for his neighbors. How I wish there was a law to ban busy-bodies. If there is a law please let me know.


I understand there are no criminal charges at this time. I am more than willing to meet with a detective from the Phoenix Police Department and introduce him to the dog that after four years is now a concern. There is a six foot block fence between me and my neighbor, for some reason I think my neighbor has gotten scared though I did ask him to come and meet the dog. The dog has been to obedient school and is well behaved. He does bark when someone is in the alley late at night. I don’t think that is a bad thing.


I appreciate you contacting me and I hope this problem will be resolved soon.





Larry J. Buzeyn



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