3 thoughts on “today is special”

  1. ‘Shave Your Head For Tibet’ campaign from April 10.
    Tibetan parliamentarian and member of the Central Solidarity Committee Penpa Tsering said the tonsuring exercise would show solidarity with the people who had been killed in the recent military crackdown in Tibet.
    Tsering said they would start enrolling volunteers from April 7.
    “On April 7, there will be a worldwide movement. This is to show our solidarity with the Tibetans inside Tibet and also to send a strong political message to the international community that the exiled Tibetan community is with the Tibetans inside Tibet. This is a non-violent tactic which the Tibetans inside Tibet can also pick up by shaving their head to show their resentment against the Chinese,” Tsering said.
    Many Tibetans have already tonsured their heads to sympathize with the sufferings of the people in Tibet.
    The three-day worldwide campaign starting April 10 will highlight issues that Tibetans have been raising with regard to the recent peaceful demonstrations in Tibet.


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