Sometimes it is pointed out to me that I need to take a more measured approach to my anger at some of those in my world. To speak softly to those that want to hurt me in many ways and to deny me things I think I am entitled too. When I get up on Sunday morning, drink maybe three to many cups of coffee, read the story like the one linked below, I am right back to wanting to attack.

2 thoughts on “”

  1. A little understanding a different point of view.
    It is fear that rules these people’s hearts and this is why they attack. They do not understand or care to understand something that has been drilled into their head about hate. They have built a world of lies around them and freak out at the smallest change when they are faced with it- this is why they attack. I do not give them excuses but you are the understanding type and I know you will listen to reason.
    Lashing out is giving them your power. Take it back, remain calm and tell them that it is OK if they fear what they do not understand but it is not your problem and for them to stop trying to make it your problem. You have a lovely life, enjoy it and do not let others try to taint or ruin it.
    Peace and L<3VE my friend,


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