Open Letter to Genpo Merzel

Hey Genpo How  you doing,

       I sent you an email back on March 20th asking if I could get some free dharma. I mentioned I could afford the gas to drive there. I have not heard from you yet. I hope all is well. I was told you do not turn down free dharma to those that ask.
       Since I am writing, allow me to throw out a question. I have been reading this book called "The Art of Just Sitting." Pretty good book I must say, have you had a chance to read it yet? There is a quote in there I was hoping you could help me understand. It goes like this, "Do not use the Dharma  for your own profit. Do not use the Way to try to make yourself important. This is the most important point to remember." Keizan Jokin said that. Of course it was translated by Yasuda Joshu and Anzan Hoshin, maybe you can tell me if they got it right. That Jokin guy he lived from 1268 to 1325. Wow, it seems those words could have been written last week.
       Well Genpo I know you are a busy guy with all the retreats so if you get a chance drop me a line and tell me how you are doing.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Sincere Bows,

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