One of my assignments for what it’s worth

Humility Action Plan

       We live in a complicated world. In our culture there exists a “winner takes all” mentality.

We are told to be competitive to be successful. If we admit our bias we can separate meaning and

significance in life from personal ambition. Humility is a difficult virtue to obtain;

competitiveness may be the biggest obstacle to obtaining this virtue. I cannot judge myself from

the result of living in this type of environment.

       I enjoy having relationships that are honest in all aspects. We do share how we appear to

each other and how we may appear to others because of our actions and comments. Receiving

this honest, accurate feedback is essential in our relationship and why we have become more

loving and able to be loveable. A humility action plan must contain this honesty and to accept the

feedback graciously.

       I have never been guilty of not having a sense of humor that includes laughing at me.

Considering the topic of humility I still must say I enjoy my sense of humor. Others have told me

my sense of humor is one of my enduring aspects of my personality.

       I am not afraid to look at other cultures to understand where I am at in this thing called life.

Buddhism, Christianity, Taoist and Islam all have something to share concerning humility. This

sometimes can be a hindrance to understanding humility though the similarities from each of

these cultures appear equal.

       A successful humility action plan must include realizing our inadequacies and being happy

for the success of others. A line in a poem I once wrote, “a little bit of nothing is worth all of

something if you share with the nobody the nothing you have,” has meaning in a humility action

plan. I must be willing to understand what I am capable of and share it and not be afraid to ask

help in what I cannot achieve on my own. Even if I can achieve something on my own it still is a

positive action to ask for help.

       The reality of a spiritual and transcendental reality will keep me in awe in life. If I may add

to my action plan another line from another poem of mine would be, “my life is nothing more

than the needles eye holding thread to make a stitch in this world.” If life is a quilt I am

nothing but a small part of this life.

       Seeking opportunities to serve others makes it easier to forget ourselves. This is a social

responsibility that will contribute to humility in spite of us. We will be allowed to enjoy a lowly

status of an outsider.

       The benefits of a humility action plan will include: reducing fear and anxiety, less conflict

and anger, being happier, being optimistic, relationships will become more intimate, new

learning from new experiences and empathy and compassion. This action plan has a conclusion

that winning is not everything.


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