Good news for buz

A couple of good things happened for me today. A few may know every 6 months I have been going in and having the unknown spots on my lung checked. They did a biopsy in the beginning and never really decided what they were. They said it was like an onion with layers of skin. I had a CT last week and for the first time they are shrinking on there own. Those spots always were a worry for me about every 6 months wondering if they would turn into lung cancer. I am a heavy smoker. it appears the scare is over for now and I do not have to be checked again for another year.
Another piece of good news. The president of the University of Phoenix is starting a pilot program with 500 smokers. It is a rather extensive program with a clinic out of Cleveland. The university is going to pay all costs and I got picked for the program. I feel so lucky. I have tried to stop smoking many times with everything that is available. Even things that were not available except through the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I seemed to always end up with the real thing when I was hoping for a placebo so I would have a reason that the new drug did not work. I am a terrible nicotine addict. I have survived cancer, they found spots on my lungs, and I continued to smoke two packs a day. I am realy hoping this time it works. I do not know how many more chances of good luck I am going to have. Thank you to all that kept me in their prayers, please keep praying for me, lighting candles for me, bowing for me, or what ever you do, it is working.

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