Harvey Milk Museum, Pink Triangle Park, City Hall San Francisco

The following are pictures from the Harvey Milk Museum and the City Hall Building where he was killed. What use to be his camera shop is now just a regular store. The window with a painting next to it of Harvey Milk is the second floor room his boyfriend hung himself. You may remember that from the movie. The suit and shoes you see are the clothes Harvey Milk was wearing when he was assassinated. They are very hard to look at but reality is what it is.You can see the bullet holes and the blood stained shirt. It was impossible to hold back tears visiting the Harvey Milk Museum and the Pink Triangle Park. At the Pink Triangle Park, Free and I each got to take a pink rock. I carry it in my pocket and when ever I take it out Free has to kiss me. No matter where we are at we have to kiss, this kiss was in a taxi and then in front of City Hall. The Rainbow Flag that flies over the Castro District is huge. Gay people need to build on what those that were first in line at the beginning of the gay civil rights movement did.
 I took over 400 pictures of our vacation and the rest will follow.


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