been out for a while

When I began working on my degree in psychology I was not really motivated to use my degree professionally. My intentions were to understand me and the world around me a little bit better. My PSY 270 class brings to an end the goal I set out for about two years ago. I am learning to use psychology in understanding people better in my career and my personal life in spite of what my intentions were, first impressions have become less important. On any given day a normal person can exhibit abnormal behavior, or completely opposite of that, someone with abnormal behaviors has a day where everything is ok.
I have new concerns, mostly about just how fragile yet at the same time remarkable the mind can be. I may have even gained some gratitude in everything I have learned. Everyday can be a psychology day just by watching those around you, as long as I do not start diagnosing them.
I do believe I am a better employee from what I have learned in my psychology classes, maybe more understanding too. Understanding of myself and others. I am not getting the anxiety medication filled as often.
I am going to continue on with my bachelors degree. I am anticipating it to get a lot harder and even more interesting. I am old enough to know a career in psychology may not last long but that does not make me desire it any less. Maybe I have selfish reasons to continue on, maybe just to prove I can do it. I have concluded up to this point it has all been worth it.

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