A Poem by my friend Tarvis Hughes

This is a poem written by a good friend that I work with. I did not know he wrote poetry. It was a very nice surprise when he showed me this poem that he wrote on Martin Luther King’s holiday last Monday. I am glad I get to share it.

king wrote of the mountain top

i write of making hatred stop

believe me yall

I’m not the love cop

I’m just one man that believes in Christ

and know how easy it is to by nice

to treat one with kindness

i don’t think twice

i want to touch souls not bodies

i want to reach spirits

and work them out like palates

i want the biggest women to know she’s a spiritual hottie

my god is the best

and touched to teach

i fought for years

now it’s my time to preach

my father is rich in houses and lands

he raised me to be this god fearing man

i strayed for some years

but not 40 years you see

i learned from my mistake

now Christ has set me free

40 plus years ago.king cried for freedom

40 plus years later

lord knows we need him

or someone

who fears not death but the lord

I’m the man, the conductor

the gospel train is ready

come aboard yall

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