My Protest Song

On the evening news I learned what was being said by those against the new Healthcare bill. I decided to write a protest song about it, not sure it is to good but going to share it anyhow.

fag, nigger and spic

So this is paradise

Define it twice

Sacred and blessed

But not so nice

Call man nigger

Point your finger

Sip your tea

Pull on the trigger

Fought this fight

Many a night

Take your words

From my sight

Don’t believe you

You’re not true

Dogs run free

You have no clue

Call man fag

Tuff guys’ brag

your children listen

In filthy rags

This can’t be it

From where I sit

You are ugly

And full of shit

Call man spic

Your favorite trick

Bleach your sheets

Do it quick

I am believing

I am not leaving

Till you are gone

Or stop breathing


One thought on “My Protest Song”

  1. It evokes very vivid imagery. When I hear people speak in racial slurs and the like, I never know whether I want to scream, laugh or cry. I want to scream at them because it’s so very tempting to drop to their level and hand it back to them in a way I KNOW they’ll ‘get’….and then, I struggle and find the restraint. I need that separation from their tactics. Then I want to laugh, though not in humor, because to think that we can travel in space and yet haven’t learned to play together in this sandbox we live on is such a dark comedy of shortcomings. And then, I just want to cry because people who hate suck the life and hope from us and it seems that for every step forward there are two steps back. And then I see someone commit some relatively inconsequential and random act of kindness that voices the love that lifts us, and my tears are transformed.
    Words. Perhaps the most powerful invention and the greatest tool of mankind.
    My dad used to say, “If you can’t make your point without profanity or personal attack, then you don’t have one.”


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