Thursday Night

The same number of days as night

I dreamed as far to be out of sight

As far as any bird has flown too

I turned around to see only you

I felt I’d had been taken somewhere

Further than I would ever before dare

There was the sky and there was dirt

There was no chance of being hurt

A smile hung down from a cloud

The wind chimes seemed extra loud

From a breeze blowing from the east

On the stone table was a Midwest feast

My heart beat to be somewhere like this

Of sweetness and passion and bliss

The road began to grow beneath my feet

I wondered why I was offered this treat

My eyes couldn’t see, my ears couldn’t hear

My mind never had before been this clear

What if in violence there shall be a storm

Will I be able to keep my myself warm

My lips caressed by heat from the sun

I wondered when had this dream begun

With one eye open and the other shut

There was no way in and no way out

I looked to my left then near to my right

We were there within each other’s sight


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