Looking In My Window

Looking In My Window

Saw you looking in my window

What was it you hoped to see

see me naughty and naked

Or what I was watching on TV

The moon broke the silence

Ever shinning big and bright

Do you remember my name

the line between wrong and right

the distant sirens outside wailed

your ears gave it no never mind

a masterpiece there was bleeding

the treasure was too easy to find

this isn’t no holiday celebration

can’t help not to share smiles

words would be too well worn

there never was too many miles

the stars couldn’t keep the secret

something there new and used

obligated to dreams and desires

nothing there can ever be refused

the slow train just left this town

nothing there can remain same

decades and a half later

the wild heart is not tame

My Words of Little Value


My Words of Little Value

I watch where I am walking

in case I stumble and fall

 blood drains from my veins

and there’s no one there to call

the twilight will be forgotten

the moon will have no sun

each breath will be a struggle

 beginning when my life begun


I shall not give a thought

To these words I share

One needs to look and see

To find them everywhere


for the sake of all sacredness

my violent heart will mumble

the concrete of my simpleness

will  disappear, rust or crumble

a stranger will pretend to know me

I’ll pretend to know him too

The day will move ahead hours

 inventions will be nothing new

for my dog, i’m a dog

     For my dog, I’m a dog

I’ve become my worst enemy

Though I use to be my  friend

There are those that say good things

When times come to a painless end

It’s hard being what you are to be

for that I took no righteous vow

tomorrow has no minutes left

To get the most of it done now

for the sun is not always yellow

one day I saw it a shade of gray

A day with nothing important in it

But just lucky to be another day

This old dog  is needing something

I gave him what was left to give

going to keep an eye on tomorrow

for something with what I could live

I’ve not been emotionally touched

My arms reach for a dark blue sky

Déjà vu for some always happen

For me I don’t want to try