Once Upon a Time It Was Real

Once Upon a Time It Was Real

Once upon a time it was real
Moving in, then sliding out
In the garden of the beginning
There’d be those shouting doubt

The extremes of all obscene
Makes its way all too easy
To know the words to every song
As a gospel, sweet and sleazy

The mood was shadowed in the dark
Peace to those who misunderstand
Humans do what animals do
Finding shelter in the command

Sublime expression, dared shared
Motion is more than wind
A permanent connection is then sealed
Blasphemy to those they’ve sinned

Further than the eye dare sees
The inventor invented the sky
A future continues to be itself
And history is a blink of an eye

Suggest as one will on the radio
A ballad plays to fulfill a promise
Memory lane is a very long road
The treasure is found to be useless

Through red brick the water flows
The mime speaks what’s on his mind
The audience drinks for tomorrows
In a ritual of a spiritual kind

The tombstone of an empty thought
Reads the epitaph in a brilliant gray
The incense of tomorrow lingers
From the path of some yesterday

Wisdom searches out hidden valleys
From panic to a solid solitude
In a game of distraught poetry
Raping a rose found to be rude

A bohemian meal shall be planned
Reflecting frowns on polished glass
Bloodless veins remain frozen
As the celebrating dancers pass

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