Blue Sky Holiday

Blue sky holiday

Cemetery draped patriotism

Counterfeit soldier plays with the scorpion

Sweet venom delight

On the Salt River sands

Shaded dead man sleeping

Quiet to not interrupt the wind

Lizards stand and run

Sharing water as the temperature rises

Bury the cigarette

Turn right from the sign

Double back to the left

Naked Jesus to the stranger passing

Who went left then right again

Then left again

You play the game well

Root of the innocent hard

Natural instinct to play hide and seek

Soon there are no secrets

You touch it then taste it

coming back again closer

Camouflaged by his skin

Unzipping his thoughts to watch

Content to be slow

A pride of sweaty virgins

holy man on his knees

The perfect stranger stands perfectly away

Till the last to be naked sings

On the lips of the brave

Who whispers his secret

To the virgin

three smiles content

To say thank you

Leaving to the sign

Towards a shaded path of shared silence

Educated by the javelina

A birth of history

Like the sun passing in the sky

Always after the moon

To kiss the forest again

At some time again

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