the sun doesn’t discourage me,

from temptation of the outside.

my heart takes me to the door

of places where I’ve not lied.


i have not risen from the ashes

my confession is not my road.

The sky is torn by rainbows,

where sins have not yet glowed.


if it was going to be this way

my relationships spilling over,

if  i shall not be the same alone,

i will attack my enemies sober


my spirit touches the heart,

the heart touches the soul

holy soul will touch myself

then can i be counted whole


your flesh a tattooed brand

left behind my worn lips.

what i’d mistaken for the rust,

was the highway of my trips.


i do rage against the funeral,

i trace the blood in my veins.

is nothing  there for mercy,

entitled to remove my pains.


my spirit cannot forsake.

from wanting to take the ride,

on the back of the misfit sparrow

up to the stars that still do hide


lessons end at the horizon,

where beauty may be broken.

swallowing up the melody,

lacking verse to be spoken.


experience blends my days,

i shall not skip the sea

an incomplete confession

is all one shall get of me

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