forgive my trespasses

forgive my trespasses

i am a sinner

with a half off coupon

for a two dollar whore

my castle’s stoned

for the naked dancers

dancing the way i want

in skeleton costumes

i siphon away all excess

of a seven day candle

the darkness in the window

brings honesty to light

this is life only

drawn to be happy

on a flesh colored canvas

this is poetry

damn to all those

with eyes and hair

i knocked loudly

on no one’s door

from those chastised

i expect the same

buddha where are you

with words i define

on a flattened pillow

clapping my hands

for divine pleasure

of the bones

scattered on the floor

the inherited drum beat

of my holy ghost

a fattened parasite

i care not to meet

forgive my trespasses



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