gray hair

i am more than a half

a hundred years old

i can’t hear anymore

the dogs tell me when

someone is knocking

when i read a good book

it takes a long time cause

i read some sentences twice

there is this guy at work

he told me he wants

gray hair like i have

not sure how i feel about that

but can’t help but wonder why

i moved to nice weather

so I won’t slip and break a hip

cause i never had a broken bone

cept  for a cracked rib

when i ran a company truck

into a tree in the middle of a

golf course at 3 in the morning

i blamed it on black ice

my boss wasn’t to bright

he flew me to orlando for

a new truck to drive home

eating beaners and drinking

cheap wine non-stop i drove

back to omaha almost running

out of gas cause i spent all my

expense check on ice cold beer

you could say i’m a burger man

with no god damn cheese on it

it really pisses me off when the

waitress can’t get my order right

i’m not an irrational man and

not much of a dumb ass but

i did read a good book that

said to much fucking can

cause your hair to turn gray


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