fantasy after the fact

on the sands of the oedipal garden

shinned the sun full of laughter,

rose of lime danced with the hellion

the veil lay wasted for it didn’t matter.

iris circled high on the mountain

the janus-faced puppets knew they should leave,

an orthodox hero was caught bleeding

as the deprived rose from their knees.

a puisne screamed celebration

i knew i would join him then,

at the connoisseur garden party

that was soon now to begin.

my pop-eyed lover felt our way

by  babylon queens searching sailors,

through gigolos tasting one another,

by the bridge over dying traitors.

the empyreal pirate met us there

dressed with a star dust smile,

each hand holding sweaty satisfaction

and the guilty never had a trial.

rainbow roses filled out the valley

ecstatic rivers ran  with dandelion wine,

there we lay with our favonian

in rhythm of the friars  rhyme.

momus cried as a baneful filcher

contentment followed our twilight crisis,

the counselor had gotten to us

with the warmth so like isis.

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