letting go . . .

walk to my fattened face,

and speak to me like rain.

let words flow in my mouth,

to circle in a crippled vein.


my ears have heard a hawk,

fall from the broken sky.

diseased from shinning sea,

dripping from an evil eye.


no seed spilled on the path,

as a sacrifice of my joy.

so which god’s will be done,

who drowns beside the koi.


dominate the callused slave,

that weeps within my heart.

at the edge of broken hate,

a humanistic soiled art.


my belly rolls in smoke,

i’m convicted on the run.

i confess to swallowing,

under shade of a salty sun.


my hands were not harnessed,

to the pony i ride away.

to simple was the raven’s song,

to ever make me stay.


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