my buddha death

i burst in oxygen
with each breath
there is no concrete
or steel, no sand
or magic trees
with seed or fruit
i step on the sky
that rains holy water
my thoughts cease
no words interrupt
my eyes roll black
from my cold fists
should i be naked
each erotic touch
melts into my skin
salt of a dry sea
sucks the poison
from behind lips
on my dancing tongue
i will sleep no more
my lust will sleep
in a blue satisfaction
always, always blue
there are no sparrows
to carry me over this
i’m not enlightened yet
there is no falling
no weeping, no smiling
my heart skips over
all my loves broken
i refrain touching
my healed wounds
i would live again
not lacking desire
of my wickedness
to see blood flow
my sparkling fluid
the calendar turned
no more it turns
no dusks, no dawns
frightened by the sun
or a crescent moon
i wander forward
to my next breath

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