the sacrament of joy

i have hated

without reason.

starved when

the ancient

fed me the future.

sacrificed love

for self pity,

danced to silence

and prayed to

paranoid gods.


i have mended

the unbroken.

wept tears for

a stroke

of luck,

good or bad.

i have mistaken

pain for slumber,

satisfied thirst

with sand.


i caressed the


for the sake

of time.

i have created


to quell happiness

of my heart.

rode the wind

to be wise.


the chimes sing

as howling magic

through crooked ears.

i have been healed

by static weather.

a fugitive


suspicious of the

garden blooming,

my fingers taste.


i crawl through

the highlands,

crippled with stones.

i am hooked

on the orbit,

circling the sun.

in my own secrets,

i dwell there.

the trinity is

locked away there.


i am within unashamed.

my costume is

my revealing words.

i sanitize my alphabet.

i color my shadows,

as a sacrament.

the moral of my

masterpiece bloats,

murder is joy.

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