this is the day the lord has made . . .

my thoughts are thick,


the lines in my hands,

canyons of deceit.


in a voodoo drag,

my spirit revolts.


i recite the rosary,

of a  blue virgin buddha.


my limited skills type,

sarcasm of the gut.


my bullet proof brain,

swells in my skull.


i swim the ocean,

to drown my fears.


i feed on the caveats,

of disproportionate greed.


tomorrow will deliver,

the same old thing.


i will ask forgiveness,

after the populated war.


i am the aftermath,

of unprotected lust.


i listen to the ghosts,

in my ravaged ears.


the rat race spins,

in a barbed wire sun.


my veins runneth over

with a genius delight.


i rush to the guillotine,

to sever my tongue.


it is once again time,

to pray.

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