outlaw hard-on

he swallows my poetry,


sucking out my words

like cum on the tongue

of a bukowski whore.


my britches belch

my reasons to write,

of my outlaw hard-on.


the razor thorns,

of my cactus bed,

pierces the ass,

i watch it shared.


i am the faithful poet,

waiting for no mercy.


i sacrifice my fuck,

my afternoon sonnet,

my evening chant.


my heart is no stranger,

to this lubricated smile,

and buttered hands.


have i found the path

where eros floats?


my mouth on the man,

my unrestricted tongue,

i am not oppressed

from touching the cock.


i lack no discretion,

of his sunflower ass.


over apollo bones,

the perfect penis.

is forbidden fruit,

of a boyish man.


my spirituality is vocal,

on my poet’s sheets.


i am an observer,

a voyeur of his heart

and well used lips,

that will blow me soon.


more than the desire

of mutual masturbation,

to be coated in sperm.


i will not corrupt him

with groaning contempt.


there is no fair play,

to my poet’s vengeance,

if i should pencil it in.


i am a gentle old fuck,

the shepherd of flesh,

shinning with cum.


if i care to write about it,

i am a poet,

that’s what poets do.


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