moments in my time

in my own good time,

i rearrange my prayers.

my crimes against god,

satisfied my hungry gut.

i paint with my bones,

stretched flesh on canvas.

the weatherman preaches,

to the delight of my soul.

the violence of my youth,

dances between my knees.

the bear hobbles on his way,

angry at all youthful fruit.

how i remember it well,

sleeping inside the grave.

the boldness of my age,

released when i was born.

myself in a beveled mirror,

i learned to love the dark.

cursing all the orthodox,

salvation’s not worth this.

we ran the ghetto together,

sharing each other’s name.

we debated the secret war,

to legalize hands and lips.

soldiers of saint sebastian,

hairless skin, pale and smooth.

i delivered the penny saver,

at the window well endowed.

my feet frozen in the drifts,

i considered the warmth of it.

i’m the amulet and talismans,

a friend to toothless charm.

the goons left me undamaged,

cause i shared my cigarettes.

the pursuit of the incarnate,

has never known it slow.

the harshness of the buds,

in the air has never changed.

the fly on the wall freaks me,

following me in the woods.

my wounds did not bleed,

on the path beneath my feet.

stimulating in the sense,

even now when i breathe.

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