i should know

all poets are queer.

i should know,

i am a poet.

all fags are not poets.

i should know,

i am one.

poets insert virtue,

like the cunt

is a key hole.

the poet is tricky.

i always wished,

the penis on the

marble statue,

was bigger.

and harder,

like a spaniard’s,

in latino porn.

the poet will share,

his love of the dead,

on facebook.

wish the dead well.

like the wind,

is to the flesh,

and noise is,

to the ears.

the poet is not content.


a hand job,

is enough to be

a poet.

the poet isn’t honest.

he will deny

that he’s a homo,

cover his eyes,

and kiss the stranger.

poets stare at poets.

undress them,

and look for breasts.

the poet is hungry,

do they want tacos,

or ass to eat.

and the poet heals,

all cancer and love.

he is a patriot of her,

and prays

for intercourse.

the poet eats his semen.

and when

no one’s looking,

the poet writes


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