walking the dog

the dead will rise again,
i’ve had my suicide thoughts.
it happened to me twice,
when i loved her
but she no longer loved me.
i learned it was not love,
but their perky nipples,
that gave me a hard on.
they made me jerk off,
to many times without them.
i think they loved me though,
to keep their knees together.
how did they know?
i would have missed 40 years,
of fat cocks and big balls
or when i heard him say,
“i will save my mouth for you.”
my snake attacked his tongue,
and filled his throat with venom.
my wisdom was scattered.
i would have missed my ride,
to the canyon’s secret well,
that trickled down his thighs.
he will hide in the trees,
just to kiss my scars and asshole.
i would not have known god,
who will piss on you,
for no good reason.
or how much i hate walmart,
or that cheap whores are more fun,
than wise ones that talk to much.
tomorrow i will think about,
montero signing for sixty million,
and wave to the naked lady,
waving from the window.
i’ll be lucky to be a live,
40 years from now,
walking the dog.

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