saguaro cactus

soldiers of sand,
you stand for love.
you are strong,
i curl at your root.
though not a virgin,
my blood will flow
if you penetrate me.
the dessert serpent
will eat me alive.
my hands will melt
in a green stream.
if you bloom in me,
your seed will travel,
inside the belly
of a dark gray hawk.
in the shade of your arms,
i hide the perfect secret.
i wipe away my sweat
from lips and legs.
god put you out
for me to crumble.
near granite rock
i dance with you.
your face is pointing,
to a wild apollo.
i can taste the heat
in your juice.
your stones are heavy,
i will cool them,
with a youthful breeze,
formed by crescent ribs.
i’m willing to paint the sky
with creosote ash.
or be the hole,
where the owl sleeps.
i salute you,
warrior of the quiet.

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