my gift to lalli (infuse anniversary)

i know god,
when i feel it,
love when i taste it,
peace when i hear it.
i pray with poets,
at a first friday mass.
i infuse myself,
my hands untied.
my sparrow released,
onto an audience
with a velvet ass.
boyfriends and lovers
are in my pocket.
they infuse me,
and tame my gluttony.
their iron cocks,
with hard boiled balls,
spit in the wind,
the spoken word.
there are ballerinas,
and bugle blowers.
no one bleeds,
no one hurts.
the guitar player,
hangs to the left,
infused in my throat,
larger than life.
i debate my spirit,
i debate my soul.
sucking on ashes,
that gather on my lips.
we look over the horizon,
beyond the moon,
past the obscene sun,
we’re infused together,
like sodomites engaged.
i enjoy the cheap seats,
the ladies are tight.
the music softens me.
i plant my seed,
in the infuse garden.

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