the golden years of youth

he was contagious,
i prayed to have him.
in the middle of america,
we danced and fished,
masturbating each other.
it wasn’t political,
we drank our coffee black.
and smoked weed,
with comrades
we mysteriously found,
on a silver shore.
harpoons in the sun,
razor sharp
lubricated to fuck.
the samaritan passed,
and offered his throat.
this was kingdom come,
and make believe.
our ears filled with sand,
our scars grew dark.
the day had no beginning,
our balls behaved badly,
and tasted delicious.
hanging bags of gold,
with plenty of water to last.
his ass was a perfect earthquake,
to swallow his own,
like a faggot poem.
surrounded by centurions,
and suguaro cactus.
we swallowed salt,
from sweating erections.
there were those
climbing the rock of gibraltar,
just to find us naked,
where rapids flowed.
and the breeze was cool,
we were younger,
then ever before.
the clouds had no shame,
designing cocksure silhouettes,
on the canyon walls.
we thought about it,
as the last man standing.
we buckled our belts,
and drove home.
we listened to the ball game,
touching the fantasy,
with no complaints.

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