a holy homo-erotica love poem

i didn’t ask
to be born,
into this world.
it limits me,
if i’m buried,
or blowing ash.
a satisfied soul
with nimble hands.
i use my mouth,
for communion.
my thighs tight,
my knees bent,
i’m ready for scripture,
to dance in me.
i caress,
my erotic thoughts.
as a rosary,
i pray,
i can breathe
after he cums.
and i swallow
more words,
from the book
of wisdom.
the evening
is not angry.
there is time,
to meditate,
on the hair
of a hairless ass.
my favorite place,
to rest my tongue,
after spending time,
with my enemies.
with names
i never forget.
there is no blame,
to pass along.
larger than life,
his flesh,
paints my eyes shut,
with religion
and sperm.
i put myself
on my knees,
to be humble,
naked and transparent,
to my lover
born of this world.

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