having fun while waiting for the end of the world

saturday morning,
i’m getting my cigarettes and juice,
at the circle k
corner store.
when i see them,
mingling about.
they’re soldiers.
dressed to the nines,
a regiment on foot.
like k-mart mannequins.
they’ll catch me naked,
to share the watchtower,
and witness to me.
they are nice to me.
i wish to be as brave as them.
we crave the same man,
over thirty, slightly hairy.
with an aura about ‘em.
they call him jehovah.
i call him hot.
a god fearing buddha,
i’m a yankee doodle dandy.
an american queer,
chanting om mani padme hum.
in a month or so,
they will catch me again.
pulling weeds.
he’ll look up my shorts,
she will stare at my nipples.
and share a verse,
from a well worn bible.
i promise to pray for them.
they’ve done their job.

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