newtown jesus chant

this ain’t a rainbow poem,
or the heart sutra.
it’s a jesus chant.
what the fuck you doing?
get your ass over here.
you want me to beg?
till my knees bleed.
you’re queer like me.
babies are being buried,
st john of the cross,
had adam’s heart.
i felt the squeeze,
during this holy season.
the first time i saw murder,
was from a tower in austin.
thirteen dead.
32 left bleeding.
my jesus chant,
almost in jest,
where the fuck were you?
are you tired?
with your army of saints.
i’m not innocent,
or more guilty than you.
on the other side,
of the world,
you walked on water,
while others drowned.
i think about you,
you were before light,
and you left us in the dark.
i have better teachers,
lovers and friends.
i will crawl,
on my knees,
back into the lotus,
and sleep a little longer,
and chant differently, tomorrow.

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