glory hole

i celebrate,

my first

blow job.

by the monogamous

mad man.


my virgin flesh,

my cresent cock,

at a glory hole alter.

my innocence,

was not sacrificed,

or disgraced,

while his lips,

nursed me.

or his callused hands,

spread my ass.

tattooing me queer.

giving me,

my calling,

to be the poet,

for america

the beautiful,

inner city whores.

with make believe


who fondle me,

for my poems.

and fuck me,

when i’m not boring.

i will not,

betray my religion.

when they swallow me,

over a rough tongue,

that they flash my way.

i offer my poems,

my prayers,

take them.

to deep throat,

in your self-righteous

wet dream.

by a monogamous


licking his wounds,

sharing his soul,

who will infuse

with you,

at another

hole in the wall.

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