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The person that was bullying me on the internet is back. He posted on my blog and made a joke about the FB post I put on here that I had been in contact with the FBI that I had added in the comments to my poem Sycamore Sunday Service. For his benefit this is the FBI Internet Crime case number I1301282006372381 and the Phoenix Police Report number is 2013-176580. I did what this bully asked but since then things have changed, if he wants to continue to harass me the I will pursue what I already have in place. A few Wednesdays back on the day he went ballistic and was threatening to ruin my reputation for life, he was so full of himself he thought I would just roll over and do whatever he was demanding. When it first started I contacted Cox Cable. They transferred me to the FBI Internet Crime division, I did not even have to call them on my own. At the same time I contacted the Phoenix Police and they came and were watching what was happening as it was happening. I was told if I did not remove all of my posts about Barry ……  being a fraudulent Buddhist priest that could not produce his credentials on my blogs and remove my review of his book on Amazon he would google bomb the internet that I was a child rapist in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. I never lived in Pennsylvania and I have never committed a crime against a child. He threatened to go to our employers. Since then our employers have been notified plus we have put many things in place if this should continue to happen. At first I was very scared because I didn’t think there was anything I could do to stop him but since then I know differently. So for Barry, or his friend who says he is doing this on the behalf of Barry, I am no longer afraid of you. You should cool it, I told you I did not want anything more to do with you but if you insist I will start where we left off. I am sorry facebook friends you have to read this but I want to get the word to him loud and clear. Never put up with internet bullying!

One thought on “My Face Book Post”

  1. Thank you my friends for the support:

    Lorena Royce, Megan Huffman, John Dostal and 5 others like this.

    Chantelle Peterson Good for you, very proud of you!
    Friday at 5:11pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Janna Coldiron I just have to put my opinion on this one, it sounds like this tool has issues in his own life or his parents didn’t love him enough, and for that he must harass someone in order for him to feel complete and accomplished in his sad life. With that said, I’m glad you took care of it ((Love+ Peace=serentity))
    Friday at 5:54pm · Unlike · 1

    Tammy Alexander Way to go Larry! When Carl told me about this I was so upset that you thought he had power over you. So glad to hear you no longer think that and you are correct – he DOES not!
    Friday at 5:59pm · Unlike · 2

    Lori Krier Thank you for teaching us all that something can be done with this type of bullying.
    Friday at 8:31pm · Unlike · 1

    Alan Isenstadt We all support your effort to stop this type of hatred.
    Friday at 11:29pm · Unlike · 1

    Valerie Dye Lanham way to go larry – you are brave and strong!
    Saturday at 6:39am · Unlike · 1

    Timothy J Haney I woder if his name sounds like Bev or Kev or something similar
    Saturday at 11:18am · Unlike · 1

    Bonnie Peterson Omg Larry. That is awful. I’m so sorry. As my neighbor in Nebraskabb… That is a liar AND nut case. Don’t let him get to you and fight back legally. God for you. Love ya and miss you both
    Saturday at 7:50pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Melissa Celardo Larry. This makes me happy to see your strength and general “fuck you” attitude. You are not a person to be bullied and I hope you bring this Barry douche down. You aren’t alone. I spent a decent amount of time researching him and anyone with a brain knows he is a joke.
    Saturday at 11:21pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    John Dostal John and Joanne are proud of you, Larry, for actively fighting this. NO ONE should have to put up with this type of behavior. Be very careful–people can be incredibly cruel and sometimes violent. Keep us posted. Love you much!
    Yesterday at 10:16am · Unlike · 1

    Alan Isenstadt Is this all about Barry the phony meditation teacher. If so what a jerk he turned out to be.
    Yesterday at 1:00pm · Unlike · 2

    Joan Lange What a mess! I pray that this works out in your favor!
    Yesterday at 2:00pm · Unlike · 2

    Lynn Doubek Larry, I am behind you all the way. Bullying in any form is abhorrent and needs to be stopped. Even my little grandson was bullied on his school bus. Will this crap never end?? Stay strong and safe Larry.
    15 hours ago · Unlike · 2

    Lorena Royce Isn’t it so amazing that a Buddhist “Monk” has to lash out at anyone who criticizes him. I remember his blog where he would only allow positive comments. He just can’t take it.
    It is sad that he feels the need to threaten you for trying to expose him for the jerk he is.
    6 hours ago · Like

    Alan Isenstadt From his perspective its just illusion so he can justify any behavior and action he likes. Actions like his brings on more suffering for others and himself.
    4 hours ago · Unlike · 2

    Buz Free I want to thank everyone for your support. I have not heard from Barry since he posted on my blog Friday. I hope I never do again.
    a few seconds ago · Like


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