i’m a lucky buddhist

i tie a bandanna around my brain.
sometimes i dance alone.
change the sound of my name,
and speak with a different voice.
i pray to a god i don’t believe in.
the law of intimacy guides me,
like a hedonistic angel.
i can be a virgin terrorist,
willing to be sacrificed.
i want to be the pirate,
that gives away my gold.
i eat the glory from gladiolas.
be the dog with no legs.
i roam for dandelion tea.
my bones cremated in the sun,
that shines into the night.
i find worthiness in empty hands.
the darkest hour is naked.
bells never stop ringing,
till my sex is satisfied.
breathing stronger than the wind,
the calendar is unholy.
my feet knows the road
of red independence.
from the creepy buddhist,
ten thousand years before me.
i travel there often.
harder than a circle of blasphemy,
i will live like this all my life,
cause someone wants me to,
and they bow to me in prayer.

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