conversation with a dog

when i throw
dali a bone,
she’ll sharpen
her teeth on it
while i talk
to her.
her ears
will be up
and she’ll
listen good.
i’ll tell her
whose neck
i want to wring.
and who i
want to fuck
with no
strings attached.
i’ll kiss her
between the eyes,
she’ll smile
her familiar grin.
we both stare
at the sparrow
in the tree
singing with
no reason
for a song.
the junk man
in the alley
distracts us
for a moment.
and the day
of the week
is lost on
us both.
the afternoon
air grows hot,
it’s harder
to breathe,
my pipe is ash,
my tongue
is dry.
dali’s eyes
drift shut,
and i know
i‘ve talked
long enough.
tomorrow i
will tell
her about
the brunette,
with blow
job ears
and the creep
i had
to strangle.

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