sweet jesus

if you
need him
you’ll find him.
everyone does
at one time
or another.
he likes
the ladies.
two at a time.
one hanging
on his arm,
with tits
like over stuffed
duffel bags.
and one
on the
other arm,
with a pair
no bigger
than a mouthful.
he likes
the boys,
pimple free
with no
like a virgin.
forbidden fruit
in the allies
of phoenix.
he’s magic.
with a
magic wand
he turns
mother teresa
into a
holy cow.
his name
is sweet jesus.
he’s the sound
behind the song.
the question
before the answer.
he blesses
the fool
after the fact.
he’s the
son of a bitch,
i emulate
and imitate.
much like
at one time
or a another.

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