palm springs

he moaned with a jubilee in him.
the blind ones always goes first.
the big ones are saved till last.
spanish speakers earned their keep
from pockets of disposable cash.
a siamese stranger filled our pipe.
and we tripped into our holiday
of roman candles and sarcastic patriotism.
we were youth learning to masturbate.
blessed with a summer street fair.
a black lady that knows art
gave us free tickets we never used.
i caressed marilyn monroe’s knees.
we chased an early bird pervert away.
from our window was the waterfall,
where we watched the naked splashing.
i watched the fork feeding you,
then everybody left before we were ready.
the sun melted the thunderheads away.
we returned to the monastery.
baptizing our cock and balls
inside walls of steam and sweat.
breakfast was served on our thighs.
there’s were no straw hats to hide myself.
we returned to our blissful revenge.
celebrating the beauty of each other.
the wooden penis god sucked us in.
the flowers were quiet and laughing.
i wanted to fuck you once again.
we will leave in the morning
before we want to go.

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