ordinary time

it’s almost midnight.
i’m not going to die today.
i’ve done the math
but i may wait a minute or two.
numbers are never easy for me.
sometimes i pretend
to not even know my name.
i’m a soldier in shining foil
or rin tin tin staring at the moon.
i’ll be near the pond with green water.
where reptiles hunt for love.
the street signs kept me lost
when i was looking for work.
in the middle of the day
my makeup runs down my face.
i speak in a foreign tongue.
i’ve run away a million times
but will be back by dinner time.
i dance with myself
when the outside air gets dark.
i’ve watched the sunrise
over the head of crazy horse.
i don’t think about it much
‘cept when the stars are playing tricks.
i wear dark sunglasses to disguise
the anger in my brain.
i play hide and seek
when my ignorant soul
speaks of world war five and six.
my hat is made of rice and beans
and indigo berries.
i confess the same sins
so i have no history to digress.
or those i meet to impress.
even romeo has heard it all.
my pockets are full of dynamite
but today i am naked.
i have no means to touch
or sacrifice myself to your kind.
i have enough rope to hang.
my treasure is well hidden
behind the rolling thunder
that rumbles inside my eyes.
the granite dam is leaking,
getting ready to burst.
you keep asking the time
but i carry no watch.
the headlines read
it was sometime after midnight.

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