god blessed

all my good intentions
have a hidden malice.
every angry wind comes
from an act of god.
the highest of mountains
will someday be sand.
the old dies too young.
paradise can be for some
just cancer and bugs.
i’m not alone by myself
when i’m alone with myself.
the rain waters my brain.
babies without arms and legs
is the will of a spirited god.
i’m not one to complain
‘bout being hungry and dry.
a carpenter without his hammer
can still have a satisfied mind.
everything free
i am worthy of working for.
god blessed america the beautiful
as the angels ugly joke.
happy is every dog
that’s never known a cage.
time is the only constant
for everything that’s born.
the sun is married to the sky.
the moon plays hide and seek.
i seek to know nothing
but i’m torched by the ghost.
wild horses have danced for me.
i’m the sacrament
that’s being eaten alive.
war is guided by the hand
that caresses the lion and lamb.
i appreciate the hand
that helps me from the floor.
any spoken poem is
a sinking ship’s last prayer.
my finger nails are black
from digging dark holes.
we use the buffalo for jerky.
i wasn’t born yesterday.
from my knees i see
the world is a stone.
to each his own.
god blessed me.
i suppose he did you too.

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