who you going to bomb now?

war drums beating,
i was born into this.
the ghost
dressed in rags
of darkness and light
came to carry
my weary bones away.
the sun was half hidden
inside tangled
cold iron and steel.
the wind was outrageous,
the bodies tumbled.
the choir sang
the star spangled banner.
i shared a camaraderie
with a bruised and battered
heaven and hell.
a pack of dogs
is freer than me.
i am freer than a poem
in a shattered brain.
my menthol cigarettes
make me worry less.
like a beatnik patriot.
i touch everything
within my reach.
loose teeth sinks souls
lucky not to be baptized.
don’t aim
pull the trigger.
a mile is further
than i remember.
diamonds in the rough
are too polished.
mount rushmore bleeds.
the meaning of christmas
is a dynamite high.
the slow train
has jumped the track
like suicide.
i desire to be last
if the first are last.
my ashes will not be contained.
the commanders won’t tell us
who america will burden tomorrow.

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