eventually it’s terminal

did they ever find the guy?
buried in that sink hole.
did it rain last night?
rumor has it my memory
crashed a week before last.
i hear one dylan song
i want to masturbate
like only queers do.
i was afraid to be naked
for you by the light.
i’m waiting a full moon
to pull back the sheets again.
i’m no longer waiting to
take my place on stage.
i have no interest since
you discovered my ears.
you nailed me to the cross.
something in the alley
has the dogs barking.
wild horses rumble by.
a hummingbird skips
from one flower to another.
i unlock the padlock
on the gold tobacco.
sometimes it seems
my luck never runs out.
i brought a ladder for
you to climb the wall.
raw soldiers decorate
with my ashes from
being fucked to death.
a different kind of high
this is my invention.
for the first time it’s
always free and easy.
hair on my chin is gray.
i piss out wisdom and
paint my own history.
i’ve lost track how many
times our cocks kissed.
our frog fingers broken.
untaught neighbors wish
for job security and
a facial now and then.
my temperature rises
when the bacteria
inside me grows.
i never turn off
ramblings of a man
castrated by another.
outside my window
i give everyone a name.
i break more often now.
giving middle names too.
there is no sunset cause
i’m saving it for last.
i have more holes
to crawl out of and
neighbors to meet.

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