religious sex

he reached in

my mouth.

pulled out my

nicotine tongue.

replaced it with words

i never would say.

i believe in jesus.

cock and balls

and buddha too.

it’s like the first time

on a ferris wheel in the wind.

church bells ringing in rhyme.

dry wells and floods.

the deserts committing murder.

mountains leaving you frozen.

the lord can take it.

or give you kissable lips

and a kissable ass.

my prayers and perversions

are answered.

you’re hard and naked.

inside a burning

bright white light.

all a mysterious way.

sometimes it’s a matter of self respect.

a worship celebration

of holy intercourse.

i go to eros

for love and desire.

mary to clean my wounds.

i live outside the law

where demons roam.

i wash their feet.

they piss on me.

john the baptist filmed it all.

we sip semen wine

from white buffalo.

gangs of angels

bang on me.

sliding up into my soul.

my knees in glass

i learned to breath.

enlightened from desolation.

the moans are chants

from a lubricated choir.

candles and incense

hide the smell of my

sloppy seconds mass.

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