always virgin

inside each other
past invisible limits.
a rhythmic pulse
beat deep inside us.
accentuated breathing
was our conversation.
a universal language
of absolute pleasure.
we’re released into
another lifetime.
tangled up in
an hour of need.
the dark erased,
our sight restored
by blinding light.
laws of nature
deliberately corrupted.
we reminisced
the new day.
we lived patiently
with an air
to indifference.
we lusted for
the wild
born in us.
this wilderness
flowed between us.
we grayed from
miles stumbled over,
storms sailed through.
in this paradise
our flesh bruised,
the lips burned.
danced like humans
we kissed often.
taught our innocence
to each other
like lovers will.
sleeping in roses,
thorns stood guard.
last drops of venom
milked from snakes.
a holiday feast
on our thighs.
our world celebrated.
tomorrows never were
a day of steal
or night of iron.
sadness harvested
from gardens
by the forgiving.
fly with sparrows.
each time being
the first time.

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