purgatory revisited

sometimes real
sometimes fake,
hard like steel
soft as cotton.
a main street tramp
seducing evil.
savior of the fucked.
double down on paradise
with recycled cash.
masked confusion
from a suicide note.
biblical icon
requests his rape.
asking for it in the ass.
lips turned blue
the finger tips frozen.
the heart floundered
over the line.
the jester forecasts
easy penetration.
collects the seed
from fat cocks first.
long ones second.
red roses bleed
the sun on fire.
blistered mountains
a holy man’s balls.
free dogs barking
at an idiotic sky.
criss crossed kings.
used up queens.
eyes dancing with cobbled cock.
virgin junkies
eat dynamite.
purgatory revisited.
sleeping steel rusts
on the vine.
flesh in oil
nailed to the wall.
exit to the phobia.

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