not like any other day

sharing tobacco with the wind,
a trinity of eagles painted the sky.
i whispered my astonishment.
stripped myself naked.
cooled in the river and
prayed through our kisses.
every spirit from every religion
blessed every grain of sand
we rolled upon.
the ponies were not frightened
from their seaweed dessert.
a purpose to humble me
with their antics.
i wish to ride the palomino.
let him have his way.
dance with freedom in the trees.
sand hill cranes on the shore
waved with pleasure.
our affair of blisters
gave birth to callouses
of our knees and hands.
we were baptized
twins in one love.

the moon made me

staring in
my window
was one
good eye,
and a
crooked grin.
he comes
and goes.
i salute him
at midnight.
blink in
i follow him
in new shoes
to keep up.
a twist of fate
left me
the heat
of night
struck me cold.
the silhouette under
the sheet
kissed me.
leave open
the shade,
throw back
our covers.
the stranger
towards morning.
between his
legs his ass
smiles at me.
my wet lips
nothing is
there is
no rain.
the fantasy
is tight.
no distance
between us.
without fault
we accept.
my nipples
stiffen under
his thumbs.
there are
no mistakes
in characters
we play.
it is what
it is.
a million years
remains the
each touch
is new
to our balls.
we swallow
each others
like life
after death.
we are
the same again.
the same face again.
a voyeur heart
we are obligated.
our moans
the willingness.
our lunar deity
spread out
on our chest.
defining scars
our vision.
we ejaculate
in mid-air.
i turn off
“one too
many mornings”
and go piss.

i would marry bob dylan

i stopped and listened
to a rose bud blooming.
self-destructive ways
i learned to live with.
remember it began
in a nebraska motel.
i was the innocent.
to be carried to places
of politics and love.
by a twist of fate
i left the farm.
kissed those i thought
i’d never touch.
my stoned affairs
are big girls now.
my dreams filled with verse.
there was durango
and denver too.
a voice a mother only loves
i harmonized with.
emotionally loved my lover,
with all shades pulled tight.
times were never
what i was in common with.
but i never flew away or
took my ear from the rhyme.
i saluted riots of america.
i’m happy for the potpourri.
the chill of my skin
i can never ignore.


dirty old men
fuck a lot,
sleep a lot
and fuck some more.
pervert on the streets
i hear them say.
he smiles a semen smile
he ate from their ass.
when people are ghosts
and no one is around.
cum filled hypocrites
are “delicious”
he says.
dirty old men
watch baseball
during the day.
getting blowjobs.
some with names,
some not.
some pretty,
some not so much.
they buy him smokes
for his big one.
nine inches long,
six inches round.
dirty old men
are serious and wise.
pray every sunday
cause it can’t hurt.
thanks him for
tight ones.
ones that know
good hand jobs.
quick or slow he’s happy.
when i grow up,
i want to be a dirty old man.

cocksure love

he is gentle
october sun.
smoked sage.
picasso face.
burnt tongue,
i memorized
this brahman.
resistant steel
untiring eyes.
cobbled chin.
peace disciple.
in masquerade
he made me.
molded lust.
bouffant lips,
apple sweet
junkie sweat.
taken forth,
i implored
ardent rape.
of equality.
torrent kisses.
my harmony
made flesh.
his stones
occupied curios.
inside me
objet d’art.
iron creek
flows beyond.
breach of trust.
comical attire.
songs end,
his delivery not.

ox tongue spear

i wish no disrespect.
i walk a circle inside me.
some say i have a broken brain,
pulling my soul from my flesh.
i am exposed and my skin is bare.
my balls swing in the wind.
stones under my feet
pierce me temporarily.
i appreciate being defeated
by his peculiar ways.
he is the hero
we lite candles for.
i live for the day that he fucks me.
i swallow his poetic semen
from a seasoned cock.
natalie merchant sings space oddity.
i lick drips of piss from her.
he has an ox tongue spear.
i give him my attention,
though my knees are bruised.
i am the solider of mercy he will marry.
penetrating me deeper
than any prayer i have chanted.
our asses a perfect fit
for our nicotine tongues.
one will watch the other die.
the wind will blow us away.
our hearts will be consummated
by intercourse with evolution.
god’s eyes are on mad monks
with gigantic genitalia.
we gaze on each other.
we breathe together
with satisfied hearts.

poetry in me

my eyes closed tight
it’s always dark.
my eyes twisted open
i go beyond black.
a chaotic poet
i have fallen in love.
my mindful heart
has an appetite.
i have mapped every
paradise poisoned.
traveled unadorned,
without shelter.
the clairvoyant
has wished me luck.
blood of lust drips
from my weapon.
my curved saber swells
in words made flesh.
a kiss at his garden
where my seed is sown.
a journey was born
with no destiny bound.
a cast iron poet
melted and molded.
i’ll not retire my desire
for contagious pain.
disappointment blooms
from my feminine ways.
the sun will breed me.
i will nurse the verse.
a code of happiness,
in pieces i’ve broken.
my body language,
his crippled smile,
we pamper our pleasure.
fondle our secrets.
a poet of silk
i warm him with cotton.
he complements
my contradictions.
with no escape
i listen to the tone
of the lion banished.
he lives with me.
we are not lost
in a pathetic forest.
for the artist is in me.
the poet is in him.