i got married because . . .

in the kitchen whistling
making my supper.
what’s he so happy about?
the rocky mountains
are melting away.
but i smell his goulash.
he catches me dancing
the bare assed shuffle
to the kitchen.
all married men do it.
my hardon
bumps the crystal.
he french kisses it
to make it better.
my hardon
not the crystal.
like the days it rains,
i’ve had my brilliance
a time or two.
we stare each other down.
the dogs get to barking.
i’m shaving my balls.
he’s stirring the soup.
whoever’s knocking
eventually goes away.
the first date we kissed.
the next he sucked me
and i sucked him.
we shared
each other’s gifts
every christmas since.
he laughs at my jokes.
never talks in his sleep.
together we’ve done
america in a micro bus.
ashley’s angels
kept the ditches clean.
officer jackson was generous.
who doesn’t bend
for a man in uniform?
i’m his bear
that never hibernates.
when my belly growls
he knows i’m ready
for his goulash.

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